About Us

  Bejing WP United Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech biological enterprise focusing on research, development and application, as well as production and distribution of relevant products. The company has 3 national collaborating labs, 6 international collaborating labs, 87 international cutting-edge technologies, and has received 28 certificates from authoritative organizations of home and abroad.


  As a pioneer of domestic bioremediation environmental protection industry,we consider pollution control, Energy-saving and emission reduction as our own responsibilities. While developing our company with technology, talented staff and steady management, we would like to contribute to the Green China procession and homeland ecological safety with our advanced technology, quality products and outstanding services.


Company vision:To be a high-tech bio-environmental protection enterprise which can safeguard homeland security and food security and has a far-reaching social influence.
Company spirit:Responsibility   Innovation   Dedication
              Morality     Kindheartedness    Honesty
              Diligently   Emotional Quotient    Wisdom    Exertion
Development concept:Hand in hand with nature for a better tomorrow