Company History

· In June, 2013, the project using WP Hydrochory Afforestation Agent to control mudflat in Nantong , Jiangsu Province got a complete success

· In November, 2012, WP Biotype Industrial Cleaning Agent achieved zero gas breakthrough in cleaning oil tank and heavy tubing

· In August, 2012, the project using WP Hydrochory Afforestation Agent to control salinization and desertification in Xinjiang had been recognized by the relevant state departments

· In February, 2012 WP Industrial Cleaning Agent received the certificate of the Chinese people’s liberation army navy coating analysis test center

· In December, 2011 WP portable fire-fighting stick passed the national standard certification of the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

· In October, 2011, The signing ceremony of Micro-Cleaner Qingdao base was held in Beijing

· In August, 2011, WP product was designated as the specific products for emergency treatment of waters safety by the 26th World University Summer Games

· In January, 2011, WP Soil Stabilization Enzyme passed the inspection and certification of the National Center for Construction Materials Testing

· In December, 2010, It got the certification of “ZhongGuancun High Technology Enterprise”

· In November, 2010, WP product was assigned as specific emergency products for the waters security by 2010Guangzhou Asian Games

· In October, 2010, The company received “Bio-safety Assessment Report ” and became a member of several international professional organizations such as the Marine Technology Society,U.S.A.

· In July, 2010, WP product was assigned as the specific product of Dalian oil spill incident by Maritime Safety Administration of Transportation. It was called up to participate the cleaning up of 183 square kilometers of oil contamination in the sea water

· In May, 2010, WP product was assigned as Water safety Contingency Product by World EXPO 2010 Shanghai