President Message

  Since we established WP Company, our vision is“to be a high-tech bio-environmental protection enterprise which can safeguard national ecological security and food security and has a profound social influence”


  Thanks to the support and love that have been given to us from all social parties, WPdevelops deeply in China, consolidating its foundation and exploiting new markets, and leads eras of healthy and steady development of environmentally friendly products. All my staff and I always bear in our mind our gratitude to the blessings we have while at the same time staying focused on the potential hardships yet to come


  WP will integrate the domestic and international resources to build a high-tech bio-environmental protection enterprise with profound social influences. We will take up the responsibility of serving the country with industry, carry out the mission of saving the world and the people from ecological disasters, and do a good deed of boundless beneficence


  I am aware that such responsibilities, missions, not only belong to me and my staff, but also to everybody. I am willing to hold the hands of those who share the same dream. Together, we would like to contribute to the Green China procession with our advanced technology and quality products