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Yang Zhenhua, Chairman of Beijing Philisense Visited WP

Times: Date:Apr 20,2016

    April 20th, 2016, Yang Zhenhua, Chairman and Yue Lu, Deputy Manager General of Beijing Philisense, along with Chen Jiandong, Chairman of its subordinate Shanghai Jiedong Systematic Engineering Control Co., Ltd and Xue Jianhao, Deputy Manager General of Tianjin Fire Net Science and Technology Co., Ltd visited WP.
    Chairman Zheng Han and the delegation led by Chairman Yang Zhenhua conducted in-depth discussion and reached cooperation consensus on how to base on the large data analysis to integrate creatively the technologies and products such as, WP bio-environment protection fire-fighting, soil and water remediation and biological soil with the design, construction and management of smart city.
Beijing Philisense was established in 2002 and listed in 2012. With the continuous expansion of business scale and market share rising, the Philisense has developed to be a comprehensive government information solution provider of four areas of smart meeting, smart city, large data and Internet education.



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