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WP Flower Bloomed in Desert

Times: Date:Apr 22,2016

News Facts:
The end of 2015, at the invitation of Qatari Government, Beijing Micro-Cleaner started the Comprehensive Desertification Control Experiment in Qatar;
February 2016, Finished the land arrangement in the test base, sowing and raising seedling formally began;
March, 2016, the 15 species of plant, including haloxylon ammodendron, alfalfa, licorice, etc. in WP Experimental Base for Desertification Treatment in Qatar, all sprouted and grow healthily. The experiment base was covered with new green;
April 2016, Substantive results achieved in the comprehensive management of the test base. Effective restoration of soil, plant thriving and scent of flower in air constructed the scene of the oasis.

    WP Experimental Base for Desertification Treatment in Qatar applies WP Bio-Remediation Technology to improve the quality of desertification soil and combines high efficient facility agriculture and WP Seedling Technology to achieve water and fertilizer saving.
    In the experimental field, 15 species were successfully planted, covering greening, pasture, Chinese herbal medicine and many other areas, which aims to provide Qatar suitable species of different aspects for local planting. In the future, Beijing Micro-Cleaner will plant grains and vegetables in desertification land of Qatar, which will not only change desert to oasis but also transform oasis into fertile farmland.
    Beijing Micro-Cleaner will continue the creative innovation and development in application, accumulate experience in practice and make breakthroughs in the field of soil desertification control to provide new ideas and solutions to the desert agriculture and food security of China and the Middle East.



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