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A Memorandum of Cooperation Signed by WP and China Tobacco Yunnan

Times: Date:May 19,2016

    May 19th, 2016, Ye Libin, Chairman of China Tobacco Yunnan, Li Huimin and Li Tianfei, Deputy Managers General, Chen Zhangyu, Director of Department of Management Technology of Science and Technology Center, Sun Yong, Director of Beijing Office and researchers and staff of Technology Center and Economic Operation Department Visited WP.
    Chairman Zheng Han and Chairman Ye Libin, along with the visiting delegation conducted in-depth discussions and signed a cooperation memorandum on issues of how to create together a new type of cigarette with less harm and less tar, even no harm and no tar by uniting WP bio-technology and new material technology, how to conduct deeper cooperation on areas of Tobacco planting soil remediation and improvement, tobacco quality improvement, biological control of pests and diseases, tobacco fermentation and tobacco fields infrastructure construction by integrating WP bio-remediation technology and how to contribute to the safety production of China Tobacco Yunnan in processes of tobacco production, storage and transportation by using WP bio-environment protection emergency security technology and products.
    The cooperation between WP and China Tobacco Yunnan, driven by the innovative bioremediation and new materials technology, is the integration of scientific research and application and will contribute to the tobacco quality enhancement, achievement of less tar and less harm effect and guide the continuous upgrading of cigarette industry, protect the health of smokers and reduce the hazards of passive smoking.
    China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd integrates the cigarettes production and sales, tobacco materials supporting supply, research and diversified business as a whole and it is now the country's largest provincial cigarette production and marketing industrial company in the China Tobacco. In 2013, China Tobacco Yunnan ranks the first place in the industry of several indicators, including total cigarette production and sales volume, total profits and taxes, A class of tobacco production and sales volume, coverage of the national market and international market sales.

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