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        WP Industrial Cleaning Agent

        WP industrial cleaning agent is a kind of new-generation bioremediation environmental protection industrial cleaning products which is researched and developed on the basis of the bioremediation technique. The agent meet the Chinese standards of QB/T 2117-95 “General Water-based Metallic Cleaning Agent” and It also can remove and degrade the greasy dirt on the surface of the solid things quickly and thoroughly. Thus, it is safe and environmental friendly without secondary pollution.

        Product Features
        ◎ Rapidly peel off oil layer  Efficiently degrade oil spill
        ·This product can quickly remove the greasy dirt on the surface of the solid things and thoroughly degrade them into small molecules, which are nontoxic and harmless.
        ◎ Safe and environmental protection No secondary pollution
        ·This product has no flammability and corrosiveness and it will not erode pitch, metals, rubbers, lumbers and other materials
        ·This product has no phosphor and no dangerous additives. Thus, it can be discharged directly and it will not bring any secondary pollution to the environment
        ·This product can sharply reduce the influence of BOD and COD (biochemical oxygen demand chemical oxygen demand) to the atmosphere and the discharge of the toxic substances, such as TPH
        ◎ Wide range of applications
        ·We can make the ingredients of the corresponding products according to the needs of different fields. Thus, this cleaning product has the most extensive application fields at present
        Application Scope

        1.Clean the slight and severe greasy dirt on trains, cars and ships, planes, other vehicles and the facilities and instruments in the equipment manufacturing and maintenance places
        2.Clean the slight and severe greasy dirt on mechanical equipments of energy industry, chemicals industry, steel industry and mining industry

        Demonstration Case
        ◎ Deck cleaning demonstration
        ◎ Machine parts with heavy greasy dirt cleaning demonstration
        ◎ Oil tank with heavy greasy dirt cleaning demonstration

        1. This product is the concentrated solution. It can be used after being diluted by water according to the ratio and the pollution level(1:4 for slight pollution, 1:2 for moderate pollution and direct usage for severe pollution)
        2. This product can be used to the artificial and mechanical routine cleaning and decontaminating operation
        3. When the slight greasy dirt is cleaned, you can spray the product uniformly on the surface of the dirt and then clean it with water. If the dirt is thick, you can spray and clean it repeatedly
        4. When the components and parts with severe greasy dirt are cleaned, you can dip them in the product for five to ten minutes and then take them out and clean them
        5. The cleaning effect can be better if the product is heated


        Two years within 0℃~50℃ temperature

        WP Cleansing Product for Oil Tanks (Heavy Oil and Diesel Oil) and Pipelines

        In November, 2012, by using WP Cleansing Product, Heavy Oil Tanks and Pipelines Cleansing Program in Guangdong Province opened a new era for cleansing products by achieving zero emission of gas-oil; clean water drainage and recyclable use of cleansed resource for the first time domestically.


        At present, the main stream of cleansing products for oil tanks and pipelines has lots of weaknesses like complex cleansing process, low safety, long duration and unsatisfactory cleansing effect, etc. Not only the cleansed resources are not recyclable but foul water drained will cause environmental secondary pollution.On the contrary, WP Cleansing Product requires simple cleansing process, short duration but ensures high safety and thorough cleansing outcome. By realizing zero emission of gas-oil; clean water drainage and recyclable use of cleansed resource, WP Cleansing Product avoids causing any potential secondary pollution to the environment, which makes it the most effective, environmental and safe biochemical cleansing industrial product domestically.