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        WP Emergency Spill Fire Fighting Agent

        WP Emergency Spill Fire Fighting Agent is a kind of biological repairing water fire fighting product which is on the basis of the bioremediation technique and apply hi-tech remedy research. This product has four function, which are effective fire extinguishing、inflaming retarding、eliminate danger、and ecological restoration. At the same time of realizing effective fire extinguishing, it can eliminate the pollutant of hydrocarbon and prevent secondary disaster.

        Product Features
        ◎ Effective fire extinguishing and intensive inflaming retarding
        The component can penetrate into the surface of burning materials and the foam layer of fire extinguishing agent to cover the spilled oil. By doing this, it can cut the connection between burning materials and air to achieve effective fire extinguishing and inflaming retarding.


        ◎ Lower the flammability of materials, and prevent fire disaster
        When oil spilled in transporting、oil contain facilities and places, spreading WP oil spill emergency fire extinguishing agent can lower materials’ flammability、prevent fire disaster and eliminate potential danger.
        ◎ Exclusive biological repairing function
        The biological fungus can degrade into small nontoxic and harmless molecular substances who can effectively repair the eco-environment in polluted areas which help decrease the expense of governing oil spill pollution.
        Demonstration Case
        ◎ Fire Extinguishing Demonstration
        ◎ Inflaming Retarding Demonstration
        ◎ Extinguishing demonstration of mixed oil
        Application Scope

        Applicative fire type: this product is researched and developed to cope with kind-B fire disaster, while, it also has the fire fighting effect to other kind of fire disaster.
        Application of the product: This product is widely used to prevent from、rescue and put out fire in oil tankers、oil tanks、oil depots、chemical oil products and some oil linked transportation facilities and places.


        1. It can be diluted to use by different proportion according to different types of fire
        2. Helicopter can be used to spray this agent for large wildfires and fires in special topography.
        3. This agent can be applied for general water extinguishing equipments, such as the automatic sprinkler system and the fine water mist system. This agent also has the fire fighting effect to kind-B fire disaster and it can also be applied when special equipments (such as the foam makers) are used.
        4. This agent can be applied to non-aspirating sprinkling system, such as the firewater tank and the portable filling fire extinguisher. What is more, this product can also be used without any change or purchase of new devices.


        two years in 0℃~50℃ temperature