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        • Product Name: WEJE Portable Fire Fighting Stick
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        WP Portable Fire Fighting Stick

        A new generation environmental protection fire fighting product, efficient、portable and safe, which can be used in many places and put out fire at the first beginning.

        Certification of the national fire equipment quality supervision and inspection center of national standard

        Product Features
        ◎ Rapid extinguishing, no residue
        ◎ Safe and environmental protection, non-toxic
        ◎ Small size, convenient and efficient
        ◎ Large capacity, long injection time
        ◎ Rub to start, easy to use





        Model Length Weight Diameter Spray time Spray rate Volum
        big 330mm 532g 32.2mm 100s 94.0% 143g
        medium 268mm 304.8g 32.2mm 50s 94.0% 97g
        small 268mm 262.6g 32.2mm 25s 94.0% 50g
        Application Scope
        WP portable fire fighting stick can be used in all kinds of fire at the first beginning, such as the premises of daily production, office, business, home and the transportation facilities and equipments of vehicles, ships, trains, airplanes, etc.
        Kind-A: solid material, general combustible matter(such as wood、paper、cloth and cotton)
        Kind-B: flaming liquid, fusible solid material(gasoline、oil based paint、solvent、alcohol、acetone、paraffin wax, etc.)
        Kind-C: gas(coal gas、methane、hydrogen、alkane gas, etc.)
        Kind-E: electronic machines (electronic instruments)
        Kind-F: stuff in cooking apparatus (animal and vegetable’ fats and oils)
        Demonstration Case
        ◎Put in high grade solvent oil
        Application Method



        two years under 80℃