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        • Product Name: WP Oil Sludge Separation Agent
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        WP Oil Sludge Separation Agent

        WP oil sludge separation agent is a kind of biological environmental protection products. This product is researched and developed on the basis of the bioremediation technique and the macromolecule chemical material technology. This agent can effectively separate the crude oil from the oil-bearing muddy sand, the renewable resources and the soil bioremediation can be realized and the cultivated land can be restored

        Product Features
        ◎ Efficiently separate sludge   Recycling of resources
        ◎ Enhanced oil recovery
        ◎ Ecological environment repaired
        ◎ High efficiency   Low cost
        Application Scope

        Various oil fields, oil sands, oil refineries, oil storage stations, and other oil-producing and oil-restoring places

        Experiment  Case

        Experiment Result

        Oil recycling rate is 81%, the discharge water has achieved the standard of national sewage discharge (oleaginousness≤100mg/L), and the discharge mud also has achieved the national requirement (oleaginousness≤0.3%)

        WP products successfully achieve the rapid separation of oil sludge in Changqing petrochemical storage tanks

               November 29, 2013, WP Oil Sludge Separation Agent successfully achieved the rapid separation of oil sludge and recycling of resources in Changqing petrochemical, Shanxi. This indicates that the oil sludge is no longer the national hazardous waste and will not cause environmental pollution and resources wasted.

               Oil sludge is pollutants mixture of oil sludge and oil sands precipitation in the crude oil, mainly from the oily sludge in oil exploration, transfer station of storage, tanks in joint station, sedimentation tanks, sewage tanks, grease traps sediment and oil drilling, underground work, pipelines perforation . In the petroleum exploration and development industry, there will be nearly one million tons of oil sludges and sands produced per year. Because of these oils containing too much oils, sludges, sands to use easily and effectively, its petroleum substances will pollute the environment after emission. So, it was included in the list of hazardous waste in Chinese "State Hazardous Wastes". At present, the main treatments for oil sludge are stockpiling, curing, burying, re-injection, separation ,incineration and other traditional processing methods, which have many defects, such as low security, time-consuming, waste of resources, secondary environmental pollution,ect.