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        WP Emergency Liquid Spill Control(Basic type)

        WP Emergency Liquid Spill Control (Basic type) is a newly developed, bio-repair technology-based bio-repair product for the characteristics of onshore oil and oil spill. It has passed the certification of 《Guide of Safety-Assessment on Application of Microbial Blends in the Environmental Protection》issued by Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection. It can rapidly degrade polluted sustenance caused by oil spill so as to preserve and restore ecological environment.

        Product Features

        ◎ Efficient, convenient and low requirements for treatment condition
        This product has strong emulsifying ability and fast dispersion speed that can degrade the carbureted hydrogen efficiently and thoroughly. At the same time, there is no need for incubation period and deployment period which means it can be used at any time. Therefore, it can quickly react in the emergency leakage incident, protect the ecological environment of the land and decrease the happening of the secondary disasters.

        ◎ Effectively reduce materials inflammability Quickly eliminate oil spill dangers
        The hydrocarbons can be quickly degraded by microorganisms in product, when oil spilled in transporting、oil contain facilities and places, spreading product can effectively reduce materials inflammability and promptly eliminate oil spill dangers

        ◎ Safe and Environmental protection, no secondary pollution
        The microbes that WP extract and optimize come from the nature. They are safe and environmental friendly. No poison and no adverse effect, no corrosiveness and no secondary pollution are their feature.

        ◎ Long-term Preservation
        The microbes in the ordinary fluid bactericide products are not susceptible for long-term preservation. However, the special formula of WP products can effectively sustain the survival time of the microbes and extend its storage period.

         Application Scope

        1. For emergency treatment of oil spill in areas like oil regions, pipelines, and refineries etc. 2. For emergency treatment of oil spill in oil storage areas like gas stations and oil depots and cans.
        3. For emergency treatment of common petroleum and petrochemical products spill in areas like railways, highways and factories etc.



        1.When happening ground oil spill, we can dilute product 5-10 times with water according to the pollution(volatile oils such as gasoline category, generally diluted 5-6 times;less volatile oils such as heavy oil, diesel class generally diluted 8-10 times).After rapid mixing, the product should be evenly sprayed and covered to the surface of oil spill contamination with a spray device
        2.Rinse with water or collect and transfer after 10 minutes as well as repeated spraying processing according to the pollution
        3.When happening a small area of water leakage, original product liquid can be sprayed directly (with 30%-50% amount of the pollution area as the suggested quantity)

        Two years within 0℃~50℃ temperature