Core Technology

        WP bioremediation technology is a kind of green treatment technology by IPM methods, with the efficient catabolism feature of the organism to absorb, degrade, transform the pollutants and hazardous substances in the environment, promoting the surrounding ecological environment rapidly improved and repaired.It may be widely used in the field of oil, agricultural chemical, heavy metals, water pollution control and soil remediation, waste degradation, cleaning of civil, industrial equipments and facilities, fire fighting and soil stabilizer others. It puts a stop to the secondary pollution and is a substitute for chemical products comprehensively.



        WP Emergency Liquid Spill Control

        Bioremediation environmental protection oil spill control product



        WP Soil Stabilization Enzyme

        A new generation biological environmental protection base course material



        WP Hydrochory Afforestation Agent

        Bioremediation environmental protection afforestation product


        WP Industrial Cleaning Agent

        A new generation bioremediation environmental protection cleaning products


        WP Oil Sludge Separation Agent

        Bioremediation environmental protection oil sludge separation product